He is an affectionate, emotional, friendly and interchangable electronic pet, who shares your life. He can be adopted by anyone who wants a small friend but can not take responsibilities of a real pet and has an interest in robots.


In Door Bozee

Out Door Bozee

Hugging Bozee








Bozee can express his feelings and moods by using his eyes and his mummling voice. He is so social that he keeps trying to get your attention when he feels lonely. He also entertains himself and his owner by recording and playing sounds and playing games.


Interested Bozee

Mimicking TV










As a school project about toy robots, BOZEE was designed collaboratively by Designer Berk Keskin (B), Mechanical Engineer Ozan Anac (O), Electrical Engineer Ziya Cinaroglu (Z), Industrial Engineer Emre Akbas (E) and me (E), at the Faculty of Engineering, METU (2004).