The Bag of the toy set

The Pieces of the Set











The Sensy-Cap toy set is a collection of pieces, each barriers a sense or ability to simulate a situation of a handicap. Children may experience different disabilities and challenge their abilities.


Fine Motor Skills
Hearing and Speech








Children who have disabilities also become advantaged when they are playing with children, who normally do not have an experience about being handicapped. As an example, the children with hearing impairment can communicate with sign language when they wear the mouth closing piece.



Gross Motor Skills / Arms

Gross Motor Skills / Legs








Nearby free try-ons, some structured play ideas can also be suggested, such as pair game. In this version, each pair chooses two pieces from the bag and wear them on. A list of tasks, which may include filling a cup with water, carrying something to somewhere, buttoning a jacket etc., are given to the pairs. The pair that completes the tasks first, wins the game.  Sharing the handicapping pieces within a pair, they also share the experience about senses and needs.


Choosing the pieces

Carrying a cup of water












Sensy-Cap was designed during the 15th Creativity Workshop TO-IS in Turin, Italy (15-28 October 2008). The organization was directed by Fördern durch Spielmittel e.V. (Berlin) and Fondazione Paideia (Turin). The observation sessions took place in a school for the children with hearing imparements. Their silent smile was the inspiration of this toy. After completing the design, the toy was exhibited together with other 20 toy designers from all over the world.