2 Player Flexi-Ball

4 Player Flexi-Ball








The goal of 2-Player Flexi-Ball is to score a goal with marble through the bridge in the middle, where a bell is attached. When the marble passes through the bridge in the direction of the opponent and rings the bell, it’s a score.

On the 4-Player Flexi-Ball base, each player has a bridge on their own, right next to the holding edge. The aim this time is sending the marble through the opponents bridges, not through the bridge on your side.


Theraphy Session (Age group: 6-12)

Theraphy Session (Age group: 10-16)








The light weighted foam structure and the large grip holes on each side suits the toy for the children with different abilities. The bells that ring at each score supports the feedback with sound.

Different from the contemporary coordination marble games, Flexi-Ball brings the children together during their theraphy sessions. They do not have to sit alone with an heavy wooden “theraphy product” which is hard to handle. Instead, they play together and challenge eachother.

Visitors of Exhibition (Age group: 32-41)

Visitors of Exhibition (Age group: 8-39)









The Flexi-Ball was designed in Oberbergischer Kreis / Germany during the 16th UNESCO Creativity Workshop, which is organized by Berlin based non-profit association “Toys for Children’s Rehabilitation (Fördern durch Spielmittel) ” in May 2010. It was exhibited in Gummersbach City Hall and selected by the jury to be taken into mass production.